Google Custom Search In This Template

While you might want to use your own search solution (something like DuckDuckGo) the template comes with a styled Google custom search widget. Styling can be found in 2020-styles2.css under the heading of "STYLING FOR GOOGLE CUSTOM SEARCH". As Google place most of their inline styles for this dynamically via a script, and also because form fields have certain limitations as far as targeting with css, the styling is somewhat limited.

This is set to display results on a page of your website, though of course you can change options for this to create page overlays, or results shown on Google. The results page we are using is called vt-sitesearch.html.

Search widget appears in the header in desktop view, and is then replaced by one above the main headline on tablet/mobile. This is because there is not enough room to display a search bar in the header on small screens. You can of course choose your own positions, if you prefer it elsewhere, like in the footer.

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